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The Folk Tales was incorporated in 2013 as a Responsible Rural Travel organization. We provide unique and handcrafted travel experiences in rural India that integrate tourism with socially and environmentally responsible initiatives at grass root level. Our travel experiences help you form deep and meaningful connections with the local community. Rather than simple sightseeing, you get hands on experience to local culture, food, art & craft, music, architecture, wildlife and natural beauty. Our travel experiences are designed to make a positive Social, Economical and Environmental impact on the local community. This is probably one of the primary reasons why the travellers go back as our family, and keep on returning to India.

Read the full Responsible Travel policy here: Responsible Travel

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Why we do it

Back in 2010, when we started travelling in the villages of India, it was out of curiosity. We hadn't heard many good things about villages of India, and wanted to find out if they were true. Surprisingly, we had some of the most memorable experiences which made us go back and explore newer villages. We gradually realised that even though the villages are beautiful, there are less opportunities for youth to make a living. This was resulting in mass migration, causing over burden on cities and empty villages. Implementing The Folk Tales wasn't easy, because it took time to create acceptability to the concept of rural tourism in the minds of the traveller.

Today we take extreme pride when we look back at the journey, the high and low moments, and the relationships we created along the way with travellers and the locals. Our passion is probably one of the primary reasons why we are one of the best in this work. Even though we are evolving with each passing day, we are still deeply rooted in our values with which we started.

Our promises


India is a land of stories, and journeys without knowing them are incomplete. At various points during your journey, we do storytelling that helps you to experience the place better. The storytelling helps you form a deeper connection with the place and the community, which sticks to you for a lifetime.

Quality & Safety First

Our focus is on giving quality which comes at an equivalent cost. We strive to give you the best price but never compromise on the quality of food, stay, transportation, sanitation and activities. Our experiences are equally safe for families, couples, solo travellers and senior citizens.


We believe in forming trust. All the inclusions, exclusions and cancellation policies are clearly conveyed to you, with no surprises. Your payment is through secure modes so that you have peace of mind. Read the full Buyer Protection Policy on our Policies & Ethics page.

For any further questions, write to - gaurav [at] thefolktales [dot] com

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