North India

Rural Travel Experiences

The Folk Tales of Sikh Heritage

Sikh heritage Rural travel

Sikhism in India is known for its warriors, valour, cuisine, vibrant people and lush landscape. Staying with Sikh families and experiencing their culture hands on is an enriching experience that will stick to you for lifetime. Oh! and then there is their cuisine.

The Folk Tales of Kumaon Valley


Kumaon valley is often called the fruit bowl of India. It spans from the foot hills to the greater Himalayan snow peaks. Experience its culture and people change after every few villages as you travel through the kingdom of Himalayan foot hills.

The Folk Tales of Lahaul & Spiti


The forbidden valley of Lahaul and Spiti that is accessible for a very short time during the year has long been the gateway for travellers from Tibet into India. For centuries its high snow mountain passes have preserved its rural heritage.

Heritage of Classic Golden Triangle


Golden triangle is widely visited by every tourist in India. But it is not only about sightseeing. There are many Folk Tales about Delhi, Agra & Jaipur and villages around them that are worth knowing provided you know where to look for them.

The Folk Tales of Changtang


Chantang plateau is home of Changpa nomads and goats with their silken coats. The Changpa community still believes in living close to their traditional nomad lifestyle, depend on goat's milk, meat and wool, and sustain in harmony with nature.

The Folk Tales of Ladakh

Rural tours of Ladakh The Folk Tales

Hinterlands of Ladakh comprise of high mountain passes, glacial rivers, tiny villages with their unique folk tales, precariously perched monasteries on hillocks and heavy Buddhist influence. You won't see the same landscape twice as it changes frequently.

West India

Rural Travel Experiences

The Folk Tales of Jaipur and Bundi


Even though Jaipur and Bundi are cities flocked by tourists, but experience with us the offbeat side of it. Along with forts and palaces, we also experience cuisine, tribes, bazaars, and village life along with storytelling by us.

The Folk Tales of Rajasthan


Experience rural Rajasthan with us along with flavours of big cities thrown in. The state is known for its colours, food, nomadic tribes, music and dance. Don't travel like a sightseeing tourist, but as a local who experiences the culture hands on.

Cullinary Trail of Rajasthan


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North East India

Rural Travel Experiences

The Folk Tales of Sikkim


The first state in India to adopt fully organic farming, Sikkim is home of numerous tribes. Visit the indigenous Lepcha or Bhutia and Limbu tribes of this tiny and happy Himalayan kingdom of North East India.

The Folk Tales of Arunachal Pradesh


Visit the hinterlands of Arunachal Pradesh that are home to tribes like Apatani, Galo, Adi, Nyishi and Tagin. This tour is a mix of cultural and adventure  activities which gives you experience of the life of tribes of Arunachal Pradesh

The Folk Tales of Sikkim and Assam


The fertile plains of Assam on the banks of Brahmaputra river have a stark difference in its culture from the rest of North East. Live with local families in the middle of vast rice fields or participate in the numerous colourful festivals.

The Folk Tales of Meghalaya


Meghalaya is one of the greenest and wettest places in India. Heavy rainfall paints the Khasi landscape, tropical rain forests and bustling wildlife in imposing colours. Experience living with indigenous Khasi families.

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