The Folk Tales of Sikkim and Assam

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This is the basic outline of travel experience. We do customization as per the needs of every guest if required. Our experiences are designed not to take you as an observer, but to get you involved hands on and experience the place like a local.

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Sikkim is a land of simple and happy people who are very proud of their land. Tribes like Limbu, Lepcha, Bhutia and Nepali co-exist. The state was merged into India only in the year 1962. It has been invaded for centuries by armies from Tibet and Nepal. The remains of those invasions can still be seen in its architecture and from the stories told by elders of the villages. After mountainous Sikkim, we visit the fertile plains of Assam to spend time with the wildlife of Kaziranga national park and with the tribes of Majuli island.
Day 1 - 3: Arrive in Bagdogra followed by journey to your homestay in South Sikkim with Bhutanese family. Over the next few days, experience the Bhutanese cooking, dances and folk songs, hikes to Meynam wildlife sanctuary which is home of deer, fox and rare red Panda. Know about the traditional tribal religions, and participate in daily chores of the Bhutanese people which include farming and local crafts. Day 4 - 6: Drive down to your next destination in west Sikkim to live with Limbu tribal family. West Sikkim is home of Limbu, Lepcha and Nepali people. Spend time in the lap of mighty Kangchenjunga Mountain with us knowing the local folk tales. See traditional ways of organic farming and bee keeping. Know about how traditional animists live in harmony with Buddhism and visit some of these tribal families in their houses. Day 7 - 9: Today we depart for Bagdogra followed by onward journey to Guwahati. After spending a night in Guwahati, we depart for Kaziranga national park that has done commendable work in preservation of Indian Rhinoceros. Go for elephant safari in habitats of Indian Rhino and water buffalo. Experience the jeep safari with focus on birding, their nesting patterns. On the second day, go for boat ride in Brahmaputra river and see the landscape of rural Assam along the river and life of locals. Day 10 - 12: Depart for Jorhat followed by boat ride to Majuli Island. It is the largest river island in the world that is threatened by erosion due to annual flooding. Majuli Island is the home to Vaishnavism and has numerous Folk Tales around its Mising tribes, villages and monasteries. Over the next few days, spend time with us as we narrate stories of the local culture. Spend time with local tribes of remote far flung villages to experience their life first hand. Day 13: Onward journey via Jorhat airport Optional – If you are arriving via Kolkata, spend few days with us indulging in the Bengali culture and colonial heritage of the city. Write to us to include Kolkata in your experience
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