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How you make a difference when you travel with The Folk Tales?


Our travel experiences in rural India are designed with special emphasis on making positive social, environmental and economic impact in alignment with UN Sustainable Development Goals. When you take one of our travel experiences, you contribute toward local communities in preserving their culture and environment, and in living a better quality of life.

Through our storytelling, you experience a deep connection with the place and its people. We do not provide a sightseeing tour, but a culturally immersive experience through the hands on activities and meaningful conversations.
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"You create a future of possibilities through Responsible Travel"

Travel Experiences

North East India


North East India was closed for most of the outsiders for decades. Only the very adventurous dared to venture into the land of tribes. Discover its many untold folk tales and experience the stunning rural landscape.

West India

Western India rural travel

India is known to be the land of colours. But the colours of Rajasthan stands apart from it all. Explore the folk tales of small hamlets, rustic villages, remains of prehistoric cave dewellers and semi-nomadic tribes.

North India

North India rural travel

Himalayas are home to many cultures and their folk tales. Immerse in the cultures of Kumaon, Lahaul, Spiti and Ladakh with the locals and get a glimpse of their way of life as you travel.

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My experience with The Folk Tales was simply amazing! I've just finished a 8 day tour in rural Rajasthan and I am so grateful to Gaurav who organised for me this unforgettable experience! Everything was perfect, I really fall in love with the families that hosted me, the food was amazing and it was really a rural experience ! I've learnt a lot about the way they live, the culture, the food and their language !took care of me since the beginning and he made every effort to make me happy and to enjoy this itinerary at most ! I highly recommend The Folk tales .. my journey for sure would not be the same without them. Dhanyavaad!!!


~ Giulia Pieri (Italy)

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