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Our travel experiences in rural India are hand crafted with special emphasis on making positive social, environmental and economic impact. When you take one of our travel experiences, you help the local communities in the villages of India in preserving their cultural heritage.

Through our storytelling and activities, you experience travelling like a local.

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Travel Experiences

North East India


North East India was closed for most of the outsiders for decades. Only the very adventurous dared to venture into the land of tribes. Discover its many untold folk tales and experience the stunning rural landscape.

West India

Western India rural travel

India is known to be the land of colours. But the colours of Rajasthan and its royalty stands apart from it all. Explore the folk tales of small hamlets, rustic villages, remains of prehistoric cave dewellers and nomadic tribes of Rajasthan.

North India

North India rural travel

Mighty Himalayas are home to many cultures and their folk tales. Kumaon, Lahaul and Spiti valleys are few of the many stunning landscapes of the Himalayas. Spend time travelling slow to absorb the culture that changes after every few miles.

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I wanted to travel with 'The Folk Tales' for quite sometime, and finally I made it for the Sikkim trip. The group was small. 10-12 people with equal men and women, and average age was around 35. It was unlike any other group tour. It was quite liberal and included everything that was mentioned in the brochure. I never felt unsafe, instead I made new friends and shared a ride with them till Darjeeling.


~ Aditi Mittal

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