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The Folk Tales bring forth journeys into Rural India. Skip big metropolitans and cherish the joy of living in a Homestay, Organic Farmstay or a Jungle Camp. Experience the local crafts,   languages, food, cultures, hospitality and love. Experience the real India with us.

A Future of Possibilities:

The Folk Tales lives into a future of possibilities, a future which makes this journey worth it. We exist to fulfil the possibilities of :

  1. Reviving a sense of pride in locals for their homeland via creating opportunities for them in their native places. We aim to bring down the mass migration to metropolitans.
  2. Being of extraordinary service to travellers. Our Travellers will experience the warmth and hospitality which will create long term relationships
  3. Educating travellers to explore  local places and leave a minimal carbon footprint by adopting responsible ways of travel.
  4. Creating stories from journeys that our travellers go on and encourage sharing via our blog and our social media channels. We aim at forming an ever increasing community of travellers that love sharing.

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See the work we do, know About Us. Be inspired to join us on our mission to create a new stroy with every Journey.

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